The Novo Nordisk Foundation, in collaboration with Denmark’s administrative regions, has taken the initiative to establish specialized Steno Diabetes Centers throughout Denmark.

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The vision is to create world-class treatment results for every individual patient attending the centres. The goal is a longer and higher-quality life for people with diabetes.

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You can find our 5 centres across Danmark

Our Steno Diabetes Centers are in:
– Copenhagen
– Odense
– Aarhus
– Aalborg
– Region Zealand
– Greenland
– Faroe Islands

Novo Nordisk Foundation has donated 7.9 billion DKK to modernize and systematize current treatment options for people with diabetes. The donation is given to the Danish regions for the establishment and operation of a number of regional diabetes centres that must be on a par with the best diabetes centers in the world. The donation covers treatment, research, education and cross-sectoral cooperation as well as new buildings.

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Novo Nordisk Foundation awards DKK 123 million for establishing Steno Diabetes Center Faroe Islands

Steno Diabetes Center Faroe Islands will be the seventh specialised diabetes centre supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. A Steno Diabetes Center has been established in each of the five administrative regions in Denmark and one in Greenland, and now…


Collaboration paves the way for a new diabetes centre in the Faroe Islands

The Novo Nordisk Foundation and Heilsumálaráðið, the Faroese Ministry of Health, have initiated a collaboration to establish a diabetes centre in the Faroe Islands. The overall goal is to increase life expectancy and improve the quality of life of people…


Webinar on start-up for newly diagnosed at the Steno Diabetes Centers

In March 2021, Steno DK held a knowledge sharing webinar on “Start-up for newly diagnosed adults with type 1 diabetes at the Steno Diabetes Centers”. The purpose of the webinar was to highlight how the initial period after being diagnosed…