The Novo Nordisk Foundation, in collaboration with Denmark’s administrative regions, has taken the initiative to establish specialized Steno Diabetes Centers throughout Denmark.

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The vision is to create world-class treatment results for every individual patient attending the centres. The goal is a longer and higher-quality life for people with diabetes.

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You can find our 5 centres across Danmark

Our Steno Diabetes Centers are in:
– Copenhagen
– Odense
– Aarhus
– Aalborg
– Region Zealand



Novo Nordisk Foundation has donated 7.4 billion DKK to modernize and systematize current treatment options for people with diabetes. The donation is given to the Danish regions for the establishment and operation of a number of regional diabetes centres that must be on a par with the best diabetes centers in the world. The donation covers treatment, research, education and cross-sectoral cooperation as well as new buildings.

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Establishment of five Danish Steno Diabetes Centers

The five Danish Steno Diabetes Centers have been established in a public-private partnership between the Danish healthcare system and the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded a grant to modernize and systematize the current healthcare options for…


What do the patients say?

Every individual with diabetes should be at the heart of the treatment provided by Steno Diabetes Centers. Patients have different needs, and treatment should therefore be tailored to each individual. For example, this may include greater involvement in both prevention…


Novo Nordisk Foundation awards DKK 795 million to strengthen diabetes initiatives in the North Denmark Region

On 7 December 2017, the Board of Directors of the Novo Nordisk Foundation approved a grant of DKK 795 million for the North Denmark Region to strengthen the diabetes initiatives in the Region. The initiatives include establishing Steno Diabetes Center…