Colorful Inuit buildings in residential district of Nuuk city with lake in the foreground, Greenland

Steno Diabetes Center Greenland

National center for prevention and treatment of diabetes, chronic lung disease and cardiovascular disease

Steno Diabetes Center Greenland (SDCG) was established based on a collaboration between the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Government of Greenland, with the aim of improving the prevention and treatment of diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases.

Building on existing initiatives, the main goals of SDCG are to strengthen patient education, consolidate research efforts, help develop competencies among healthcare personnel, and encourage collaboration across sectors, particularly in prevention.

SDCG opened in 2020 as an integrated part of Greenland’s healthcare system.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has committed up to DKK 382 million (€51 million) for SDCG and related initiatives. The funding period runs until 2030, with a possible extension thereafter.