Thomas F. Dejgaard

Thomas Dejgaard

MD, PhD-student
Steno Clinic AND Department of Endocrinology Hvidovre Hospital.

Phone +45 30 91 29 67


Research area
Areas of special interest:
- Incretin hormones
- Type 1 Diabetes, pathophysiology and novel treatments
- Insulin sensitivity
- Inactivity

On-going projects
The Lira and Pump Trial 
MAG 1C trial
Alfa-1 trial
Pre-D trial

2009 MD, University of Copenhagen.

PhD-student at Steno Diabetes Center and Dep. Of Endocrinology Hvidovre Hospital (2012- ).

Introduction in Internal Medicine Department of Endocrinology and Cardiology Hvidovre Hospital (2012).

Department of Internal Medicine O Herlev Hospital (2011-12).

Introduction in Internal Medicin at department of Endocrinology Herlev Hospital (2010-11).

Internship at Department of Orthopaedics Herlev Hospital and General Medicine, StoreHus lægerne (2009-10).

Scholarship at Center for Inflammation and Metabolisme, Rigshospitalet (2008-09).   

Presentations the last 3 years
2016 ECE invited speaker “GLP-1 in type 1 diabetic patients”
2016 Danish Endocrine Society “GLP-1 in type 1 diabetes - effects on glycaemic recovery, gastric emptying and counterregulatory hormones during hypoglycaemia.

2015 EASD “The Lira-1 study”

2015 ADA “Liraglutide for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes”

2015 Danish Endocrine Society “GLP-1 and Type 1 Diabetes”

2014 EASD “Autonomic dysfunction is associated with loss of postprandial glycaemic control in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients”


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