Regitze Anne Saurbrey Pals

Regitze Pals

Research assistant
Diabetes Management Research

Phone +45 30 91 33 86


Research area
Since I started at Health Promotion Research, I have developed an interest in the development and evaluation of patient education concepts and methods. Theoretically, I am inspired by Science and Technology Studies and methodologically by qualitative methods and design-based research. I am involved in the NExt EDucation (NEED) project and a project concerning the development of a health education program targeting people with mental illness.

2014 MSc Public Health, University of Copenhagen.
2010 BSc Public Health, University of Copenhagen.

Latest positions
Research assistant at Health Promotion Research, (May 2014- present).
Student assistant and Master Thesis student at Health Promotion Research, (2013-2014).
Student assistant at the Danish Cancer Society, Department of Prevention and Documentation, (2009-2014).

Presentations the last 3 years 
August 2015, EACH Summer Event, London.

October 2015, Temadag om Humanistisk Sundhedsforskning i Danmark, Odense.

December 2015, World Diabetes Congress, Vancouver. 

June 2014, Danish Association for Science and Technology Studies (DASTS), Roskilde University

Pals RA, Olesen K, Willaing I. What does theory-driven evaluation add to the analysis of self-reported outcomes of diabetes education? A comparative realist evaluation of a participatory patient education approach. Patient Education and Counselling 2016. 

Jensen NK, Pals RA, Willaing I. The use of dialogue tools to promote dialogue-based and person-centred patient education for people with type 2 diabetes. Chronic Illness 2015.  doi:10.1177/1742395315625099

Pals RA, Hansen UM, Johansen CB, Hansen CS, Jørgensen ME, Fleischer F, Willaing I. Making sense of a new technology in clinical practice: a qualitative study of patient and physician perspectives. BMC Health Services Research 2015;15:402.
Jensen NK, Pals RA. A dialogue-based approach to patient education. Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism 2015;19(1):168-70.

Torenholt R, Varming A, Engelund G, Vestergaard S, Møller BL, Pals RA, Willaing I. Simplicity, flexibility, and respect: preferences related to patient education in hardly reached people with type 2 diabetes. Patient Preference and Adherence 2015;9:1581-1586.

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