Narges Safai


PhD student
Steno Clinic

Phone +45 30 91 33 85


Research area
Personalized treatment of type 2 diabetes 
Epidemiological research
Metabolomics in type 2 diabetes

Ongoing projects:
Personalized treatment of type 2 diabetes using a diagnostic approach based on treatment results of clinical practise
We are investigating the impact of the multifactorial treatment concept of the Steno 2 trial on 3.985 patients with T2D who have passed through a six-nine month program in the Steno T2 Clinic in the last 12 years.

By using the information from our investigation of patients from our T2 Clinic we will translate this information to patients, providers, and society. Hopefully this can be used to give a more personalized treatment recommendation.
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Metabolic profile of patients with type 2 diabetes in CIMT trial
The main purpose is to investigate how the plasma metabolome/lipidome responds to common treatments; metformin/placebo plus three different insulin analogue combinations in the CIMT trial.
It is likely that there are biomarkers additional to classic risk markers that can be used both to gauge that risk and to evaluate how appropriate a certain treatment option might be for the individual patient. This would assist in recommending choice of treatment in clinical practice.

2005, MD, Aarhus University

Latest positions 
2012-2013, Resident, Patient Care, Steno Diabetes Center
2009-2012, Resident, Pediatric Department, Hillerød Hospital
2008, Resident, Child and adolescence psychiatry, Bispebjerg Hospital
2008, Resident, Pediatric Department, Hvidovre Hospital

Presentations the last 3 years
2016, Annual Meeting of the Danish Endocrine Society , Copenhagen, Treatment of dysregulated patients with type 2 diabetes at a diabetes center (oral)
2015, EASD, Stockholm (poster)
2015, ADA, Boston, Pharmacological treatment changes in 4.143 patients with dysregulated diabetes referred to a tertiary diabetes center (poster)
2015, EDEG, Paris (poster)
2014, EASD, Vienna (poster)

Scientific publications 
Safai N, Eising S, Hougaard DM, Mortensen HB, Skogstrand K, Pociot F, Johannesen J, Svensson J: Levels of adiponectin and leptin at onset of type 1 diabetes have changed over time in children and adolescents, Acta Diabetol. 2015 Feb;52(1):167-74. doi: 10.1007/s00592-014-0630-y. 

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