Kajetan Trost

Metabolomics Laboratory

E-mail kajetan.trost@regionh.dk
Phone +45 30 91 34 15


Research Area
I am an analytical chemist at Steno Metabolomics Laboratory, working closely with Steno Systems Medicine. I analyse biological samples using high throughput mass spectrometry methods. I specialize in both gas and liquid chromatography in the field of targeted and untargeted metabolomics.  

Ongoing Projects

Metabolomics method development and implementation
Main project: EU FP7 METSY 

2009 Doctor of Biological and Biotechnical Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia  

2004 Master of Chemical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Latest Positions

Post-Doctoral Researcher at Steno Diabetes Center (2015-)

Assistant professor at University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia (2009-2012, 2015)      

Post-Doctoral Researcher at Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy (2012-2014) 

Presentations in the Past 3 Years
Trost K.; Ulaszewska M.; Stanstrup J.; Fausta Natella F.; Scaccini C.; Mattivi F. (2014). Metabolic transformation of apple polyphenols in human body. In: 36th ESPEN Congress on Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism, Geneva, Switzerland, 6-9 September 2014: PP163-MON. 

Ulaszewska, M.; Trost, K.; Tuhoy, K.; Lovegrove, J.A.; Mattivi, F. (2014). Study on chronic intake of high and low-flavonoid F&Vs.LC-HR-MS/MS based metabolomicsof urine. In: 11th NuGOweek: nutrigenomics of food, Castellammare di Stabia (NA), 8-11th September 2014: 32 (P8). 

Natella, F.; Baima, S.; Maldini, M.; Trost, K.; Nardini, M.; Azzini, E.; Foddai, M.S.; Giusti, A.M.; Mattivi, F.; Morelli, G.; Scaccini, C. (2014). Application of food metabolomics for the development of standardized food matrices. In: 11th NuGOweek: nutrigenomics of food, Castellammare di Stabia (NA), 8-11th September 2014: 52. 

Trost, K.; Ulaszewska, M.; Mattivi, F. (2013). Evaluation of different HR-LC MS/MS methods and post-acquisition data interpretation for the reliable identification of plant metabolites in human urine. In: F. Biasioli (editor), 3rd MS Food day, October 9-11, 2013, Trento. San Michele all'Adige (TN): Fondazione Edmund Mach: 141-143 (P.23). ISBN: 978-88-7843-035-8. 

List of Publications

ULASZEWSKA, Maria M., TROST, Kajetan, STANSTRUP, Jan, TUOHY, Kieran M.,FRANCESCHI, Pietro, CHONG, Mary Foong-Fong, GEORGE, Trevor, MINIHANE, Anne Marie, LOVEGROVE Julie A., MATTIVI, Fulvio. Urinary metabolomic profiling to identify biomarkers of a flavonoid-rich and flavonoid-poor fruits and vegetables diet in adults: the FLAVURS trial. Metabolomics, 2015.

DASHKO, Sofia, ZHOU, Nerve, TINTA, Tinkara, SIVILOTTI, Paolo, STERNAD LEMUT, Melita, TROŠT, Kajetan, GAMERO, Amparo, BOEKHOUT, Teun, BUTINAR, Lorena, VRHOVŠEK, Urška, PIŠKUR, Jure. Use of non-conventional yeast improves the wine aroma profile of Ribolla Gialla. Journal of industrial microbiology and biotechnology, 2015.

RAVASIO, Davide, WALTHER, Andrea, TROŠT, Kajetan, VRHOVŠEK, Urška, WENDLAND, Jürgen. An indirect assay for volatile compound production in yeast strains. Scientific reports, 2014.

GONZÁLEZ, Victoria T., JUNTTILA, Olavi, LINDGÅRD, Bente, REIERSEN, Rigmor, TROŠT, Kajetan, BRÅTHEN, Kari Anne. Batatasin-III and the allelopathic capacity of Empetrum nigrum. Nordic journal of botany, 2014.

TROŠT, Kajetan, ULEBERG, Eivind, MARTINUSSEN, Inger. Levels of individual anthocyanins and hydroxycinnamic derivates in selected clones of cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus). Acta agriculturæ Scandinavica. Section B, Soil and plant science, 2013.

STERNAD LEMUT, Melita, TROŠT, Kajetan, SIVILOTTI, Paolo, ARAPITSAS, Panagiotis, VRHOVŠEK, Urška. Early versus late leaf removal strategies for Pinot Noir (Vitis vinifera L.) : effect on colour-related phenolics in young wines following alcoholic fermentation. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2013. 

ULEBERG, Eivind, ROHLOFF, Jens, JAAKOLA, Laura, TROŠT, Kajetan, JUNTTILA, Olavi, HÄGGMAN, Hely, MARTINUSSEN, Inger. Effects of temperature and photoperiod on yield and chemical composition of Northern and Southern clones of bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.). Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2012. 

STERNAD LEMUT, Melita, TROŠT, Kajetan, SIVILOTTI, Paolo, VRHOVŠEK, Urška. Pinot Noir grape colour related phenolics as affected by leaf removal treatments in the Vipava Valley. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 2011.

ULEBERG, Eivind, TROŠT, Kajetan, ANDERS STAVANG, Jon, RØTHE, Gunnlaug, MARTINUSSEN, Inger. Evaluation of cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus L.) clones for selection of high-quality varieties. Acta agriculturæ Scandinavica, 2011.

TROŠT, Kajetan, GOLC-WONDRA, Alenka, PROŠEK, Mirko. Degradation of polyphenolic antioxidants in blueberry nectar aseptically filled in PET. Acta chimica slovenica, 2009.

TROŠT, Kajetan, GOLC-WONDRA, Alenka, PROŠEK, Mirko, MILIVOJEVIČ, Luka. Anthocyanin degradation of blueberry-aronia nectar in glass compared with carton during storage. Journal of food science, 2008.


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