Ingrid Willaing


Principal Investigator
Diabetes Management Research

Phone +45 30 91 34 03



Research area
My interest in patient education research and practice comes from a wide experience in health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation in relation to chronic disease. I have worked with health promotion in the area of heart disease on a national and an international basis together with municipalities, regions, NGOs, policy makers and researchers. Significant to my research over the years is also health services research, including health technology assessments, studies of health care professionals, patients and persons at risk of chronic illness.

My research, scientific publications and lecture activity is now focused on diabetes patient education and support. I have a special interest in developing and utilizing research methods that provide a voice for the patients and involve patients in their care and education as well as in research processes. Patient and family perspectives on diabetes education and support are primary research areas.

2000 Master of Public Health, University of Copenhagen.
1993 Diploma Studies in management, VIA University College in Aarhus
1981 CGFNS Certificate (American Authorization as RN)
1981 Bachelor of nursing, Roskilde Hospital

Latest positions

Principal Investigator, Patient Education Research, Steno Health Promotion Center, Steno Diabetes Center (2010-present).

Head of Health & Prevention, Danish Heart Foundation, (2006 - 2010).

Chief Advisor, MUUSMANN Research & Consulting (Health Promotion, Prevention and Rehabilitation), (2005-2006).

Research Manager (Health Services Research), Research Center for Health and Prevention, Region of Copenhagen, (2000 - 2005).  

Selected positions of trust

Deputy Chair Prevention Council, Danish Diabetes Association (2012 -2014)

Member National Prevention Council (2010-2012).

Deputy chair in DK EACH (European Association of Communication in Healthcare) (2012 -2014).

Member of International Publication Planning Committee of the DAWN2-study (Diabetes, Attitudes, Wishes and Needs) (2010 - 2015).

Member of working group, Danish Board of Technology: Obesity as a problem in society (2009-2011).

Supervisor for Ph.D. students and master students.

Associate editor Diabetic Medicine (2015 - )

External examiner in Public Health Science at all universities in Denmark (2006 - )

Winning abstract, 47th EASD Annual Meeting, Lissabon, september 2011, The Diabetes Education Study Group of EASD (abstract: Patients with type 2 diabetes prefer education based on participation and development of competences over information).

Best Poster Award, 18th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Technology Assessment in Health Care, Berlin, 2002 (poster: Dietary guidance in the primary health care sector by dietician or general practitioner – a health technology assessment).

Kvalitetsprisen (Best Quality Management) 1997, Dansk Selskab for Kvalitetsudvikling (Danish Society of Quality in Healthcare) (received together with D.MSc. Torben Jørgensen, Management of patient pathway and patient care in patients with breast cancer)

Selected oral presentations the last 3 years 
2015, World Diabetes Congress, Vancouver, Canada.

2015, WONCA, Istanbul.

2014, European Association for Communication in Healthcare Conference. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, St. Andrews, UK. 

2014, Annual Meeting of the Austrian Diabetes Society. Salzburg. 

2013, American Diabetes Association Annual Conference. Chicago, US. 

2013, World Diabetes Congress, Melbourne, Australia.

Selected scientific publications

Pals RA, Olesen K, Willaing I. What does theory-driven evaluation add to the analysis of self-reported outcomes of diabetes education? A comparative realist evaluation of a participatory patient education approach. Patient Education and Counselling 2016

Hempler NF, Joensen LE, Willaing I. Social network, social support and health behaviour in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes: cross-sectional studies. BMC Public Health 2016.

Joensen LE, Almdal T and Willaing I. Associations between patient characteristics, social relations, diabetes management, quality of life, glycaemic control and emotional burden in type 1 diabetes. Primary Care Diabetes. DOI:10.1016/j.pcd.2015.06.007 

Pals RA, Hansen UM, Johansen CB, Hansen CS, Jørgensen ME, Fleischer F, Willaing I. Making sense of a new technology in clinical practice: a qualitative study of patient and physician perspectives. BMC Health Services Research 2015;14:402. DOI 10.1186/s12913-015-1071-1. 

Torenholt R, Engelund G, Willaing I. Bringing person-centeredness and active involvement into reality: The feasibility of a participatory concept for patient education. Health Education 2015;115(6).

Varming AR, Hansen UM, Andrésdóttir G, Husted GR, Willaing I. Empowerment, motivation and medical adherence (EMMA): The feasibility of a program for patient-centered consultations to support medication adherence and blood glucose control in adults with type 2 diabetes. Patient Preference and Adherence 2015;9:1243-1253.  DOI 

Jensen NK, Pals RAS, Willaing I. The use of dialogue tools to promote dialogue-based and person-centred patient education for people with type 2 diabetes. Chronic Illness. DOI: 10.1177/1742395315625099 

Jones A, Zander M, Perrild H, Willaing I. The psychological impact of living with diabetes: Descriptive findings from the DAWN2 study in Denmark. Primary Care Diabetes, accepted for publication march 2015. DOI:

Schwennesen N, Henriksen JE, Willaing I. Patient explanations for non-attendance at type 2 diabetes self-management education: a qualitative study. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences. 2015; DOI: 10.1111/scs.12245.

Stenov V, Henriksen JE, Folker AP, Skinner TC, Willaing I. Educator talk ratio as a quality indicator in group-based patient education. Health Education Journal 2015;DOI: 10.1177/0017896915574556.

Nicic S, Nørby K, Johansen CB, Willaing I. Pilot Study of Flow and Meaningfulness as Psychological Learning Concepts in Patient Education: A Short Report. Psychology. Vol.5 No.6(2014), Article ID:45338,6 pages DOI:10.4236/psych.2014.56066.

Johansen C, Torenholt R, Hommel E, Wittrup M, Cleal B, Willaing I. (2014) Barriers to Addressing Psychological Problems in Diabetes: Perspectives of Diabetologists on Routine Diabetes Consultations in Denmark. J Psychol Psychother 4: 141. doi: 10.4172/2161-0487.1000141.
Stuckey HL, Mullan-Jensen C, Reach G,Kovacs-Burns K, Piana N, Vallis M, Wens J, Willaing I, Skovlund SE, Peyrot M. Personal Accounts of the Negative and Adaptive Psychosocial Experiences of People With Diabetes in the Second Diabetes Attitudes, Wishes and Needs (DAWN2) Study. Diabetes care 06/2014; DOI: 10.2337/dc13-2536
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Author/co-author of around 20 book chapters, editing of several books and other research based information on prevention and rehabilitation, public health, health services research and quality management.

Around 50 oral and poster presentations at international and national conferences and for the last 10 years on a yearly basis app 10-15 talks and lectures.

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