Patient Education

Diet and Education in Ethnic Minorities (DEEM)

Developing tools and methods for patient education and support targeted ethnic minorities with type 2 diabetes.

Development and feasibility test of a health education program targeting people with mental illness

The study is based on a design-thinking approach putting the target group (people with mental illness) at the centre of problem solving and development.

Development and test of a mobile application inspired by a health educational approach targeting people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes

In order to develop a mobile application (app) tailored to the needs and challenges of people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes, the project applied the methodology of ‘Design Thinking’ [4]. This means that the solution is not predefined, but shaped in co-creation with the target groups(s).

EMMA: Empowerment, Motivation and Medical Adherence

Testing a new concept to motivate and empower patients to take control of their medication

Targeting vulnerable people with diabetes?

Development and test of health care education methods and tools

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