Health Promotion

FAIR (FAmily Intervention Research)

This project focuses on family-based obesity interventions for children and adolescents.

New approaches to health promotion in deprived neighbourhoods

This project investigates the development and implementation of health promotion activities in deprived neighbourhoods

Projects targeting children and educators

Developing school-based health education

PULSE: Innovative health promotion exhibition engaging families

Targeting health education at the science museum

School-based health promotion projects

We expect to develop, test and implement new and innovative health education concepts, tools and approaches in concrete school settings.

Health and Local Community

Community mobilisation and integrated interventions for sustainable impact in health promotion.

TEACH-OUT: getting out of the classroom

TEACH-OUT: physical activity, learning and social relations in the Danish udeskole

We Act – together for health

We Act – Together for Health is a development and research project with a multicomponent curriculum-integrated school intervention focusing on physical activity and lunch meal, using a democratic and participatory approach to health education.

Examining diabetes and workforce health

How diabetes affects the labour market and vice versa

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